RSC Rentals

At the turn of the century, sustainability became the key principle that everyone had in mind. Thousands of campaigns were launched to strengthen and encourage people to shift their old ways and trade them for something that can do more for nature. One of the most popular sayings related to sustainability is “We do not inherit the world from our forefathers; we borrow it from our grandchildren”. Governments, schools and other institutions pioneered these programs with the main goal of teaching people how to conserve and preserve their resources. And these principles also affected the big companies and industries. In fact, sustainability measures had the biggest implications on the industries. They were moved to try new materials and techniques to make their operations more efficient and the negative side effects go away. RSC Rentals is one of the many companies who immediately adhered to the new principle. And even years after, their ways have improved and they cannot be more proud of it.

RSC Rentals or RSC Equipment Rental, Inc. is main operating company of RSC Holdings, Inc. Over the years, it has devoted its services to more than 200,000 customers in the United States and in Canada. Currently, the company has 457 local stores that reach and serve their clients from the various fields of construction, petrochemical, manufacturing and even the government agencies. The main service of the company is to provide equipment for rent to its varied clientele. The products for rent are usually used for construction, maintenance and even demolition of structures. And the service does not stop with the provision because the company also send its skilled and equipped personnel to the sites. These personnel ensure that the most efficient and the safest procedures are performed to deliver the optimal outcome. As a leader in the industry, RSC Rentals invests in its people and equipment. These important resources are the key to staying ahead. Proper management and marketing strategies are also gems of the company. These are the things that made the RSC Rentals successful and ahead.

However, RSC Rentals does not stop just there. Aside from bringing quality products for its clients and gathering enough profit to keep the company ahead, the company is also dedicated to its sustainability promises. One of the main components of the campaign is to reduce the emission of Greenhouse Gases. More than US $100 million has been saved by employing innovations. It was in 2002 when the company began its equipment refurbishment program. In 2007, the company focused on Sustainability through its web-based Total Control feature. In 2009, the company implemented the Equipment Emission Tracking (E2TTM). However, one of the biggest leaps in this campaign is the company’s initiative to inform its clients of the benefits and ways to achieve sustainability. Very few companies go through the trouble but RSC Rentals is a different company. Success does not only come with financial stability and a large clientele, it also comes with the benefits the company brings to the environment.