RSC Rentals: A Story of Success

The success of a company may be measured in many ways. Some would associate success with the financial status of a firm. They would base the achievements on the net profit and the returns on investment. People in the finance sector would use numerous variables and indicators that may be computed. It is usually the numbers that would speak of a company’s current state. However, other companies would base the growth of the business on its expansion. Nowadays, companies grow by expanding. This is primarily because of the trend in the global market where bigger companies would ward off competition by acquiring these smaller companies. And usually, the battle boils down to few giants in the system. Other companies would base their success on the popularity of their products. Quality products are among the top choices of consumers. Hence, having the best products in the market would usually equate to being on top. However, companies like RSC Rentals have another goal in their lists. As the world’s resources continue to deplete, there is a pressing need to conserve and preserve these resources. This means that industries and institutions must change their old ways and adopt technologies that will not only improve the productivity but also sustainability. This is a prime consideration for RSC Rentals. Together with many other goals, RSC Rentals has proven to be a story of success.

RSC Equipment Rental, Inc. or more popularly known as RSC Rentals is one of the main companies of RSC Holdings, Incorporated. RSC Rentals is focused on providing logistics solutions to projects such as construction and development. With over 450 branches across the United States and Canada, clients will surely find the company within their reach. Moreover, they will find their products of high quality and durability. Currently, RSC Rentals is focused on renting equipment and machineries for construction. They also sell new and used equipment for firms in construction, petrochemical, manufacturing and even food and beverages. It also renders it services to government agencies,

The success of RSC Rentals can be credited to two things. The first one is the management and marketing strategies employed by the company. With the investments the company receive, they transform them into valuable products and services for the company. They tie up with reputable sources of machines and make sure that these companies employ only the latest and most efficient technologies. RSC Rentals also invest its people. The company trains and equips its people with just the right kind of knowledge and skills to make their services as effective as possible. Aside from actually providing the equipment, RSC Rentals also sends its people to the site. This is to familiarize the workers with the proper handling of the products to produce the desired results. They even lecture on safety in the work area. And more importantly, the company forwards sustainability and environmental awareness through their products. Their personnel even talks about switching to more efficient and nature-friendly materials and tools to contribute to the global causes to save the earth.